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We are pleased to offer the following services:

Comprehensive Site and Building Evaluations for compliance with State of California, and Federal (ADA), Disabled Access Requirements-

          Following a thorough inspection of your building and site, we provide a detailed written Inspection Report. This report will detail any

          violations; and includes photos, code references, and an explanation of what corrections need to take place. In addition, we will provide

          sensible recommendations to help you obtain compliance. You will receive a registered Disability Access Inspection Certificate showing

          that you have take proactive steps to ensure your business is in compliance.

Pre-Lease CASp Evaluations for Lessors and/or Lessees -

         For the property owner, having a CASp evaluation can make your property more attractive to potential tenants. Potential tenants should

          request a CASp inspection to ensure that they are leasing a property that is in compliance, to help eliminate potential litigation in the

          future. Both owners and tenants should ensure that responsibility for accessibility compliance is clearly spelled out in their lease


Construction CASp Inspections and Evaluations -

         For the Owner -

          Ensure that your construction or remolding project is compliant with the latest accessibility codes. Having a building permit doesn't

          mean that your project meets the accessibility codes. We can provide services Pre, During, and Post construction.

          For the Contractor -

          Providing the owner with a Disability Access Inspection Certificate, and evaluation, shows that you are a true professional. We can

          help you catch things before your project is completed, eliminating small mistakes becoming costly delays.